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Welcome to Mr Landcruiser, your one-stop shop for all things classic Toyota Landcruisers!


The Toyota Landcruiser has over half a century of history in Australia as part of the agricultural, mining, construction, touring and adventuring sides of Australian culture, as such it has become the most iconic off-roader in the history of Australian motoring. 

Mr Landcruiser was started in 2011 by Paul Read in his backyard when he bought a wrecked FJ45 for parts for his own HJ47 ute. Other 40 Series owners came to get left over parts which funded another wreck and Paul just kept going until Mr Landcruiser became a full-time business only a few years later, offering not only used but new parts as well. Shortly after, Richard Bowditch became a co-owner and started the mechanical and restoration side of Mr Landcruiser.

At Mr Landcruiser, we understand not only the allure and significance of classic Toyota Landcruisers (Cruiser fever is in our bones at this point). These legendary vehicles have stood the test of time, capturing the hearts of enthusiasts across generations. 

Rebuilds and Restorations

Our focus is exclusively on the Pre-1989 category of Landcruiser that include the 20, 40, 55 and 60 Series. As such, our parts and servicing inventory boasts a comprehensive selection of new and used genuine parts, custom made standard and upgraded components and accessories specifically designed for classic Landcruisers. From engine components to suspension systems, interior parts, wiring and electrical to exterior body panels, we have everything you need to restore your Landcruiser to its former glory. We meticulously source and curate our products to ensure they meet our strict quality standards by applying a single ethos ‘if we wouldn’t fit it to our own Landcruisers, then it doesn’t go on the customers car’.

Concourse rebuilds and restorations aren’t all we do, we offer mechanical and general servicing as well as a 3-hour inspection for total vehicle reports. We also do engine swaps, turbo installations, suspension upgrades, 5-speed gearbox conversions, power-steering upgrades, disc brake conversions and more. Our upgrades and conversions are always rooted in Genuine Toyota, using as many original or 60/70/80 components as possible. 

Whether you are a passionate collector, an off-road adventurer, into the touring scene or simply someone looking to give your rig a more modern drive, Mr Landcruiser is here to fulfil your needs. 

The Classic Specialist

Now with 8 full-time employees, scores of builds under our belt including Roothy’s Milo 2, 4WD 24/7 Shauno’s Dirty 30 and FJ45 Farm Truck, the Patriot Camper Classics and more still, along with founding CLECS: the biggest annual Classic Landcruiser Expo and Car Show in the southern hemisphere, Mr Landcruiser has become the premier classic Landcruiser destination in Australia. 

That’s why our customers and clients choose Mr Landcruiser - The Classic Specialist.